About us

Biofuel Access Africa is a project management team with a collective vision to participate in building sustainable cities across Africa.

Our mission

Biofuel Access Africa aims to contribute to the economic development of African economies by popularising the production of clean and affordable fuels through decentralised waste management systems.

Our mission is to facilitate access to clean fuels by installing modular biofuel producing plants in every community, commercial business place and industrial factory.

Our vision

Biofuel Access Africa is a project management team with a collective vision to participate in building sustainable cities across Africa through turnkey solutions that address the excessive amount of organic waste material that currently goes into landfills and to change the way communities and businesses manage their organic waste.

Meet the team

The team are three former colleagues who met when working for a Cape Town based renewable energy company.

Sharing common interests in business and investment strategies they soon realised that they had the same vision for a ‘clean Africa’ through the use of renewable energies and efficient waste management.

Biofuel Access Africa is the brainchild of Managing Director, Dorshel Nze Nzame.

Coming from a chemical engineering background, Dorshel has been exposed to projects involving wastewater treatment that use state-of-the-art catalysts, production of biodiesel from waste cooking and organic oils, and production of renewable energy from waste materials.

When he attended an oil and gas conference in Cape Town in 2021, where stakeholders acknowledged the importance for African oil and gas rich countries to not only explore these mineral resources, but to develop at the same time green and sustainable ways of producing energy, he soon realised this calling to become actively involved in the pursuit for sustainable cities across the continent.

Dorshel Nze Nzame
Managing Director

Born in Libreville, Gabon, Dorshel relocated to Cape Town for his university studies and has a background in chemical engineering.

Dorshel has experience in wastewater treatment processes, in technical sales for various companies, in business development and growing sales pipelines, as well as in installation and commissioning of PV and gas-to-power systems for residential and small commercial businesses.

He was, until recently, sales and services manager for a renewable energy company where he led the internal sales and services process, while overseeing their marketing and client communication activities.

Dorshel is currently completing training for an LPG practitioner certificate with the LPGSA.

Kailan Reddy


Kailan holds a B.Eng. Tech in Power Engineering and is currently a project engineer for a renewable energy company.

As a Project Engineer his primary focus is to manage projects from the ground up.

This includes detailed design and feasibility studies, commissioning and installation.

Abdullah Regal


Abdullah graduated from the University of Cape Town with a B.Sc. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering. His is currently a Product Engineer with focus in product design and system design, while also assisting with project feasibility, installation, and commissioning.