Biofuel Access Africa

Biofuel Access Africa specialises in turnkey biogas solutions to create 100% usable energy from your waste material.

Biogas is a natural and renewable source of energy created by the breakdown of organic matter.

In most developing countries, waste management and reliable and affordable energy is an ongoing challenge.

Biofuel Access Africa addresses this challenge by providing a turnkey solution that not only takes care of all your organic waste but also creates 100% usable energy from it.

We specialise in the supply, service and project management of modular, mobile, waste-to-energy biofuel producing plants for communities and commercial applications.

The Science behind Biogas

Biogas is a renewable energy source and is different from natural gas which is produced from fossil fuels and is not renewable.

Biogas is produced through anaerobic digestion and is composed primarily of methane gas, carbon dioxide, and trace amounts of nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide. Biogas can be burned directly as a fuel or filtered to remove the CO2 and other gases before usage.

Anaerobic digestion is a natural organic process that can occur anywhere from within a digestive system, even at the bottom of effluent ponds. Through technological advancements this process is reproduced artificially in engineered containers called digesters.

This clean and energy-efficient burnable gas can be sourced from agricultural by-products and discarded food.

At Biofuel Access Africa our mission is to contribute to the economic and environmental development of African economies by popularising the production of clean and affordable fuels using decentralised waste management systems.

Our products include modular, mobile, canopied, and containerised solutions that generate sustainable fuels, including compressed biomethane. 

Committed to a clean Africa

With environmental welfare and the reduction of landfills in mind, Biofuel Access Africa offers a unique turnkey solution for food chain restaurants, grill houses, hotels, grocery stores, and any other food industry outlet that is looking to make a positive impact on the environment by meeting their own waste management needs while generating clean energy and maximising profits.

Visit our Solutions page to view our WasteDigest system.

Visit our Services page for more on how we can assist in turning your kitchen into a cost-saving clean energy producing facility.

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Biofuel Access Africa is a project management team with a collective vision to participate in building sustainable cities across Africa.
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Biofuel Access Africa’s goal is to provide workable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to your waste and energy needs.
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